About Toshikeh:

Toshikeh is the creator of this Wikia.

Toshikeh is a transgender boy with no future, literally. He is obsessed with other boys he knows, even though names are never stated and he likes Irish boys a lot. He has other accounts, Aflen and Sundunski. The most depressing thing about him is that his soulmate is Aflen, which as stated is him. Motherfucker is lonely

Started using the cafe during its release in 2014 but currently not very active. Cafers who used the Cafe in 2015 may recognize him as that's when he was the most active.

Other then that, he's really boring lmao

Current Profile Picture:

Toshikeh's profile picture is an angry bugs bunny which he had for over a year.



Action in the Cafe:

Just does shit. Not really there to cause trouble but when mods aren't online, he does some shit behind the scenes to make everyone T R I G G E R E D.


  • Toshikeh is not taking part in any fandoms
  • Toshikeh isn't memorable
  • Toshikeh doesn't have any enemies


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