Nickname: Hex/Hexie/Kitsune/Yandere-chan

Age: ???

Species: Cafe-er

Personality: Bipolar/Yandere/Normal/Weeb/Crazy.

Known for: making weird ass topics and animal jam topics that get little to no hate on the cafe.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Bi.

Dream: To get senpai to notice her.


*When Hexheart made a topic about Vore it got about 19 upvotes and 200+ comments but was deleted when a mod came online. Lesson: Don't make a fetish topic.

*Hexheart use to be a homophobe but with the help of Berryclan she learned to understand and eventually became a bi.

*Hexheart's favorite cafe-er's include; Swegmaster21, Ajeagle, Nerdscandyum and Vascullar.

*Dandyylion inspired Hexheart and helps her keep her sanity.



Hexheart during the rain event 2016.


Hexheart during the carnaval event 2016.