Deathisgod (Age 21) is know to post photos of their shrines to the homestuck character Gamzee Makara. Death has a shy, introverted personality, although when stumbling across this wikia page she yelled "IM IN TEARS WHO DID THIS" (April, 2016). It is unclear when this obsession began, but it is suspected that the summer of 2015 is when she first joined the Homestuck fandom.

Many others have been known to have allergy symptoms after viewing Death's post, she has been identified as "extremely dangerous" despite the bashful self-portrait of Deathisgod. Cafers also describe Deathisgod as a weeaboo, this is a popular trend as of April 2016.  

Death is one of the people who has been here since Day 1 on the E2 Cafe.In the past, she has described herself as the cafe overlord, and was on an avid Anti-Homestuck Agenda, in which, there was no Homstuck allowed in cafe for nearly 2-3 months, which was actually followed and became an unwritten law. However, in January 2015, Death mysteriously vanished, assumed to of quit, but returned in January 2016, after spending her last semester in college focusing on it. She has since started lurking in Cafe.

Deathisgod was the leader of the "Love Juice Cafe", which was the small group that fought against the Homestucks in the War on Homestuck, which lasted about a month within the first two months that Cafe was live. After some disagreements and the war ending with their victory, they disbanded, however, everyone that was in the tribe will always be Love Juicers.

Death currently resides in the Neo Organization XIII tribe, where she and some of the Love Juicers from the past reside planning the destruction of the world.

 Death is happily married to Kawiilauri. who treats her like a queen.

Family Tree:

Currently Married to Kawiilauri

Ex-Wife: Xxroxeroni

Children: Katreace, Epicsweaters