Cidboy is a user popular on BR and EN2, who is also notorious for covering up various actions which lead to the crashing of EN and the hijacking of numerous other popular accounts belonging to his rivals. He has a YouTube channel which in March 2015 was closed due to reports of copyright infringement by Atelier 801, but later reactivated under a different IP address.

He was originally part of the tribe Grim's Sex Slaves, which became famous when they were the first tribe to be dissolved by a moderator in the history of Transformice. Users in the tribe were often bitter towards the moderators, and presumably this is also why they were permabanned when the tribe was dissolved. Since then, Cidboy has managed to get away with various actions which he was never banned for, including sending porn to the whole of the Cafe during Thanksgiving and New Years Eve and the crashing of a FunCorp room via activating a command, which lead to a moderator being taken offline for several days.

He has been titled the Martin Shkreli of Transformice, due to his friendship with the staff while hiding many, many secrets.

He is also the infamous Ohcoolme's "edaddy" and has been reported to be close friends with the American user.

Other than that he can be very nice if you be nice back! U just remember that. Treat someone how you want to be treated! and I tell you Cidboy taught me that. You see, he might like porn but who cares? He didnt draw it he just requested it. You shouldnt say mean things about people. anyhow is is mainly found in vanilla1 or vanilla2,

He also fucked a E minor and cumshotted it and then nonstop fucked that E minor til this day

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