Cantfindkb was born 9th April 2004, and joined Transformice in early 2014 at the age of 9. She didn't use the Cafe at this time, and instead posted regularly on the Cheeseformice forums and played Dragon Cave; however, both these habits died after her 2015 break.

After the Back to School 2015 event, Cantfindkb took a year-long break from Transformice, only returning in March 2016. Shortly after, she was introduced to Cafe by her sister, and began posting regularly in the hope of becoming "famous".

Her first topic was one asking if she was overweight. It received many dislikes and scornful comments.

She is also an active roleplayer, notably in Warriors. She will often create Warriors roleplays, however rarely she will participate in Supernatural, Supernatural Animal, Wolf or Dragon roleplays.

She loves all animals, most notably cats and wolves, and owns a 12-month-old British Shorthair cat.

She is also amazing, near professional at writing as well as roleplaying, having written her own stories digitally since the age of 8. She also has dreams of becoming an amazing artist and selling her art for DeviantART points.

She was also diagnosed with autism at the age of 11

Her sister is Debleb.