User Blakewis/Emeraldalee
Nickname Blake
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday May 28th
Real Name Aiva
Affiliation High School
Blood Type N/A
Online Usually 1-10 times a day
Soulmate AnaKoopa
Joined TFM 6/6/15


Blakewis is known to be parts of flamewars in the Cafe. She often asks for art using fraises as well. She is incredibly wise and often points out grammar errors.

Action in the Cafe

During 2018, Blake has gotten more inactive as the Cafe filled with newer Cafers. She is seen usually rude. She also tries to act calm at times only if you don't start a flame war.


  • Many assume Blake as male (due to her looks, name, and personality).
  • Her first topic post was on October 2015 ranting about Anal Jam.
  • Only 90s kids remembers her Chris from Until Dawn phase