Birdluv is a genuinely well-known female Cafer and is a permanent resident of the EN2 family. Birdluv, also known more commonly as Bird or Anne, was one of the first Cafe posters but only truly began to be considered 'active' in November of 2015. Birdluv is a fan of Undertale, Steven Universe, Chicken Smoothie, and things of the similar agenda and usually makes topics with inside jokes for her tribe or close friends only. A popularity among these is the term 'colf.' Birdluv is also an artist, and sometimes will stream requests every three months or so.


Birdluv is a member of the tribe *Undertrash along with many other cafers. This tribe is devoted to Undertale and sin as they would put it, holding many inside jokes which sometimes leak out to the Cafe. As far as we know the tribe is very dirty minded and full of sin. They are open to recruition but only to close friends and Undertale nerds of the like.


Birdluv is shipped with multiple Cafers/characters:

Sans = SANNE

Alizzalove= ALIZZALUV